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16 April 2011 @ 09:56 am
I☆Scream Dance for SMCM's Spring 2011 Dance Show  
Hi, this is my first time posting to this community, so I'm not sure if this is allowed. If it's not, please tell me!

Anyways, at my college, there's a prominent Dance Club that holds shows every semester. I am one of the choreographers for the Dance Club. (If you're wondering what's with the pink fans, my background is 14 years of Chinese traditional dance.) For this semester, I decided to choreograph to Hey! Say! JUMP's "I☆Scream"!

I've gotten a lot of very positive reviews about this dance from people at my school, even though my college is in America and most people have never heard of JUMP before! I just wanted to show that even here, in the USA, there are some very enthusiastic JUMP fans and people who are willing to appreciate a group whose language they do not speak! :)

Also, I'm not very sure how to tag this....